What to Look For When Shopping for Quality Kid’s Furniture

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Figuring out the difference between a quality piece of kid’s furniture and a shoddy piece isn’t always cut and dry. There are many types of furniture out there and some will last much longer than others. Here are a few tips to help you find quality kid’s furniture.

When shopping for wood furniture, the composition will make a huge difference. Some types of wood furniture are made with a composite, while others are made from solid wood. Solid wood is always better, but also more expensive. If you plan to keep the piece of furniture for many years, solid wood is a better choice.

Another type of material to be aware of is veneer. This is a thin type of premium wood covering for a lower-quality piece of wood. Veneer may be used in higher quality furniture, but you do want to know the base before making your purchase.

Another important thing to look at with kid’s furniture is the construction. Not every piece is put together the same. If the furniture is held together with nails or staples, it’s most likely low-quality furniture. This also goes for anything glued together.

Quality kid’s furniture is held together with wooden pegs or dowels, screws or dovetail interlocking joints. If the piece you are looking at is a set of drawers, look for thin sheets of wood between the drawers. This is a sign of high-quality furniture and these “dust panels” provide added structural strength along with protection for the drawers.

Company Reputation
One of the easiest ways to figure out whether kid’s furniture is worth your money is the reputation of the company. If the furniture company has bad reviews online, you may want to choose a different brand or company. High-quality furniture will have many positive reviews and will be highly rated.

The old saying, “You get what you pay for,” is quite true with children’s furniture. If you choose a less expensive piece of furniture, it may not last long enough to be passed down to a younger child. Investing more money up front into kid’s furniture will pay off in the long run, as long as you get high-quality pieces.

High-quality furniture won’t come from a store specializing in cheaper pieces. Getting quality kid’s furniture requires spending a little bit more, but it will also last longer. Some of the best types of furniture for kids will actually grow with them and can be sent off to college with each child or passed down to younger children.

When shopping for kid’s furniture, it’s important to choose high-quality pieces and materials. There are plenty of choices and when you look at this type of furniture as a long-term investment, you’re more likely to find the quality you desire. If you’re willing to make a sound investment, you may just get the type of furniture that will last long enough to be passed down to your grandchildren.

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