Matrix Furniture Systems Change to Fit Your Growing Children

maxtrix bunk bed

Parents can deny it all they want, but children grow up. They are not toddlers forever. Sooner or later, they will outgrow their bedroom furniture and it will need replaced. What if there was a furniture system that could grow with them?

The Matrix Furniture System is intelligently designed to adjust to your child’s needs as they grow. From toddler to teenager, this system can provide years of use and plenty of customization along the way.

How do Matrix Systems Grow?
There are many ways the Matrix Furniture System can grow to fit your child’s needs as they grow. The beds can be lowered or raised, which means they can go from a standard bed to a bunk bed or loft easily. With easy-to-install leg extensions, you can raise the bed to any height you prefer.

As your family expands, you can even turn a single bed into a bunk bed or even a triple bunk bed. The bed system will even allow you to create unique looks, such as the parallel bunk or the L-shaped bunk.

If you have an older child sharing a bed with a younger child, you can choose to create a twin over full bed bunk, as well. The bed systems are quite versatile and fit with both a growing child and a growing family.

Making a Safe Connection
One of the issues many traditional bed systems have is the way they connect. With the Matrix Furniture System, the connections are made with the patented “Rock Lock” mechanism. The locking system allows for each piece to secure safely into the accompanying piece. It’s far better than a tradition peg system or any system that screws into the actual wood.

Adding Accessories and Casegoods
Whether you need to add a freestanding piece or an accessory, each piece of the Matrix Furniture System will fit perfectly with the rest of the system. The desks and dressers fit under the beds when they are lofted, which makes the system great to send with your kids when they go off to college. It also allows you to create more room in a shared bedroom or a small bedroom for your child.

Desks can also be matched up with the system to fit under the lofted bed. It’s also possible to add drawers and storage to the lofts.

This furniture system has a wide variety of fabric choices for accessories, as well. It’s possible to create the perfect playhouse with a bed, change it into a lofted space as your child grows and add a desk when they need to use it as a loft in a college dorm room.

As the largest kid’s bedroom system you will find in the entire world, there are plenty of accessories you can add to the system.

The Matrix Furniture System has been tested for safety and exceeds all of the standards in the United States and Europe. Every piece is made of high quality hardwood and built to last. If you’re seeking a furniture system that will grow with your child, the Matrix System is the right choice.

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