Health Benefits of a Trampoline Workout

trampoline health benefits

Trampolines are the Fun Way to Get Exercise!


Why do your workout on a trampoline? Glad you ask. Though it might sound surprising to hear that trampolining can give you lots of health benefits, don’t be afraid to learn the truth and give it a try. In case your aren’t familiar, trampoline fitness is just basically about jumping on your backyard trampoline where you can make jumps or exercise routines that are as simple or challenging as you want. There’s really no limit to the number of ways you can experience improved fitness using the trampoline method!

How Rebounding Works and Why you should Try it?

Perhaps you have already heard this many times. Turns out, rebounding can offer many different health benefits. The idea of using trampolines for fitness has been around for a long time. Based on studies by NASA, rebounding has been a great and effective way to help their astronauts regain and even recover muscle mass. During the observation, it has been calculated that as much as fifteen percent of their muscle and bone mass were lost within 14 days at zero gravity.

As you perform rebounding, there are several affects happening. There is an acceleration action when you bounce upward at an increased G-force, a deceleration, a weightless pause at the midair in a split-second, and the force of impact upon landing. As you perform these actions, every cell of the body needs to respond to the acceleration and deceleration. It is safe to say that rebounding itself is very beneficial for your lymphatic system since your body is running in a vertical direction.

Benefits to Skeletal System
Another major benefit of working out on a trampoline is its effect on your skeletal system. Like the astronauts who lose bone mass in space, as there is a reduced need for strong bones in a zero-gravity environment, rebounding increases the weight that is supported by skeletal system with an increasing gravity force of jumping. Another notable advantage is that it allows your muscles to go through their full range of motions at an equal force. While rebounding, you can learn to shift your weight properly and be aware of your body positions in order to maintain proper balance.

Trampolining is Exercise Anyone Can Do
Just like any other routines, there is so much you can do when exercising on your trampoline. Even if doing a basic trampoline bounce, it seems very simple yet it burns lots of body calories. In addition, a simple bounce can help you tone calf muscles, as well as your glutes and quads. If you want to get your heart rate up give it a work out through trampoline running in place. Meanwhile trampoline squats would let you engage your core muscles as you perform on unstable surface.

Whatever your fitness goals, you are sure to find a trampoline workout that is just right for you. One thing is for sure; getting in shape has never been this much fun! Make sure to check out AlleyOop and Jumpsport, which make the safest trampolines available on the market today. You can find these at your local Jumpsport dealer.



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