Interesting Facts About Trampolines

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Why Trampolines are More Popular Than Ever!


Are you one of the millions of people thinking that purchasing a trampoline would be a great addition of fun and entertainment in your home? Surely it would be. So many people love owning this famous device because of its many health benefits and the outdoor recreation it can offer to the whole family. Instead of trying tough exercises and going to the gym, a trampoline would keep your feet at home and still would keep your body healthy and fit.

What is a Trampoline?
A trampoline is an elevated canvas sheet or usually buoyant webbed canvas, which is supported by elastic shock cords or springs. The device is surrounded by metal frame, which is utilized as its springboard for tumbling. This device is used in the sport of rebound tumbling or trampolining. The athlete can perform acrobatic movements in midair and also provide training for pole vaulters, diver, gymnasts and even astronauts.

A Brief Overview of Trampoline History
Humans have been trying to get in the air since the beginning of time. Acrobatic moves and tumbling have existed for centuries, and the very first way to perform these moves was through the use of a springboard. It allowed the performer to leap with just little effort. Another device being used was “the leaps” which was made of narrow wood planks at its ends, using blocks that kept the plank anchored to the floor.

The basics of trampoline which we use nowadays was developed by Pablo Fanque, a Frenchman of Circus lore. For many years, performers of the circus were using a net under the trapeze to rebound. Through the development of spring suspensions systems, the Frenchman was able to move to trampoline development. In 1936, the modern trampoline was re-invented by George Nissen and Larry Griswold, and became the modern sport it is today. Safety nets were eventually adapted and spring suspension systems were added after much experimentation.

Trampolines in Competitive Sports
It was noted that the first unofficial contest for trampolining in the U.S took place in 1947, while the official contest was held on 1954. The sport even became an international event in 1964 where an International association was formed to govern this kind of sport worldwide. In the official competition, every performer completes two routines in which one is an optional routine while the other is compulsory. Every routine of the performer makes only eight contacts with the trampoline surface. The overall scoring is based on execution, form and difficulty of the performance. The winner of the competition is commonly determined through another optional routine.

Today, trampolines are still widely used and manufacturers continue to strive hard to established and deliver higher quality and safety standards. Every material used in manufacturing the device is checked carefully to ensure that it meets the established guidelines. AlleyOop and Jumpsport are two brands that have designed and developed many of the safety standards in use today.

Regardless of whether you’re using your trampoline for exercise, for fun or for competition, it’s clear that the popularity of this wonderful invention will only continue to grow worldwide. Find an authorized trampoline dealer to learn more!



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