Choosing the Right Bed for Your Kid’s Bedroom

captain's bed with stairs

Shopping for Different Types of Kids Beds


Parents understand that their child’s needs change as they grow up. In fact, several transitions are to be expected for the first ten to twelve years of a child’s life due to the changes in size, maturity and personal development.

Perhaps the most dynamic piece of furniture in your child’s room is the bed. Naturally, the size must be commensurate to the child’s height. Other functions and modifications may also be necessary depending on their other needs.

The Right Bed for the Right Kid
Some people are under the misconception that all beds are alike. Some may even think that any type of bed would do as long as it can be slept on. In reality, there are many different kinds of kids beds. Many beds have been infused with additional features and enhancements to fit the unique needs of a child and the preferences of the parent. Should it be functional, stylish, thematic, playful, or all of the above?

Captain’s Bed
This type of bed has an added function to fit the needs of growing kids. Captain’s beds are installed with storage units and built-in drawers around the bottom of the frame. This is perfect for school kids with increasing spatial needs.

Bunk Bed
If space is an issue and more than one child uses the room, a bunk bed is the perfect solution. This classic space-efficient solution is great for shared room arrangement. Other bunk beds also have storage units to fully optimize the use of available space.

Loft Bed
Loft beds are the best choice for rooms with limited area as it maximizes space efficiency. Its frame is substantially elevated to provide sufficient room for desks, shelves, storage, and even seating beneath it. Low beds come in low, medium and high configurations. Some can be fitted with canopies for a castle effect, and all come with either ladders or slides to make getting down safe and fun.

Trundle Bed
Another space-saving solution, trundle beds have a second bed that can be folded and slid underneath the first frame when not in use. Trundles are most common in twin beds and can sometimes have added drawers built into the frame for additional storage.

Canopy Bed
The classic design of a canopy bed is particularly appealing to girls. As the name suggests, the frame is covered with stylish canopy. This comes in many different designs, including classic, naturalistic and modern patterns. Canopy beds for kids most often come in twin and full sizes.

Platform Bed
The simplest and most common type, a platform bed comes in standard no-frill frames. This is a sturdy piece of article intended for durable use for kids. This is ideal for young ones with more floor space to accommodate other furniture pieces.

Customizing the Bed
No matter what kind of bed you need, you can rest assured you can find one that is right for you. There are different types of kids bedroom furniture available in many sizes, styles and colors. Best of all, you can customize its specifications to fit your budget and style.

Make sure to visit your local kids furniture store for more information and floor samples.

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