Deluxe Kenmare Full Size Loft Bed

Loft Beds

Have More Space & More Fun with a Loft Bed!

Loft Beds are designed for maximizing use of space in your children's bedroom. With the loft bed overhead, the area underneath can be filled with desks, dressers, a play area, storage or even another bed.

Our Loft beds for kids come several different sizes and styles, including low, medium and tall varieties. All children's loft beds come with a ladder to make it easier for your little one to get in and out, and some are even fitted with slides to make getting down from the top bed that much more fun!

With loft beds, children can enjoy a sense of adventure at night, whether by themselves, with a sibling, or for sleepovers. Kids & Teens World is the best source in the Bay Area for loft beds of all kinds from American manufacturers like Maxtrix, Mushroom and Deluxe Furniture Designs!


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