Unique Ideas for Bunk Beds and Lofts

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Bunk Beds and Lofts for Kids

Often, bunk or loft beds are associated with children or college dorm rooms. However, a loft bed can be used for children, teenagers or adults to help save space.

There are a number of great ways to raise beds off the floor to gain space within any room. From the traditional bunking or lofting to more unique ideas, such as bunking four children in one room, this concept has become very popular. Here are some of the most unique ways to loft or bunk the beds in your home.

The Double Bunk or Loft
If you plan to put four children in the same room, the double bunk may be the best way to make it happen. This set up will include four beds with two lofted above the others. The bunks can be divided by a large set of drawers or a partial wall will cubbies for each child.

The same concept can be used for a room for two children. However, instead of having lower bunks, this set up can simply loft two beds to gain the maximum amount of floor space. You can include a desk under the bed or other furniture items to maximize the space in the room.

Bunk Bed with Stairs
One of the most unique bunk bed designs includes plenty of storage, a full size bed on the bottom and a twin sized bed on the top. This bunk is designed with stairs leading to the top bunk and each stair is actually a drawer. The bottom bed also includes four drawers underneath for maximum storage.

Loft Bed with Captain's BedThe Lofted High Schooler’s Bed
High School students need space for doing homework and a desk is a great area for working. This type of set up can be used to maximize the space a bed would take up. Instead of just throwing a bed into a room, it can be lofted as a top bunk and a desk can be put under it.

This is a common set up in a college dorm room, but with a larger room in a house, it can be done in a more modern way. The lofted bed can include additional space above, cubbies, shelves, drawers and much more.

Loft Bed with Playroom Underneath
Even if you just have one child in the room, you can personalize the space with a loft bed. Instead of a second bed on the bottom, you can use an angled ladder and curtain to create the perfect playroom. The curtain can even make it look like there is a door and a few windows on the bottom.

The Corner Loft/Bunk Bed Design
Many of the modern designs provide a unique set up to allow the bed to be put right in the corner. This helps to maximize space in the room and provides plenty of customization.

A corner design can include a lofted bed with a set of drawer on the bottom and a desk creating the corner. This type of design works great for older children in need of a desk.

Another corner design, which works well for larger families, will allow you to bunk three to four children at one time. The design can still include a desk or playroom as one of the bottom bunks, but it can also maximize the space if you need to put up to four children in the same room.

Bunk beds and lofts have become more popular over the past decade due to the modern designs. These are just a few of the very unique choices. You can add a theme or mix and match pieces to create your own unique bedding system.

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