Saving Space with Bunk Beds for Larger Families

Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Stairs and Trundle

Benefits of Bunk Beds

If you have more than three children, your home may feel very crowded. It might not be feasible to upgrade to a larger home, but you can still save space.

One of the best ways to save space and even gain an extra room for a den, home office or another type of room is by using bunk beds. Most parents want to give their kids the best, but not all homes allow for every child to have their own room. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using bunk beds to save space for your large and growing family.

Bunk Bed Designs
No longer are bunk beds hideous or poorly designed. They have evolved over the years with many modern designs. When you add a modern bunk bed to a room for two or more children, you can easily maximize the floor space of the room. Some of the bunk beds will even allow you to add a theme to the room.

Maybe you have a very large family and need to put three or four children in the same room. There are bunk beds designed to fit into the corner to save space. Some designs even include a full size bed on the bottom for an older child with three twin beds with the corner design to accommodate up to four children in one room.

Storage is another huge benefit of these beds. Many of the designs include drawers under the bottom bed or attached to one end of the beds. This eliminates the need for a separate dresser and provides a place for clothing, toys and other items.

Maybe the most incredible benefits of some of these bedding systems are the longevity of the furniture. With the right kids’ furniture system, you can allow the furniture to grow with the child. The original design can go from a bunk bed to a lofted bed and can transform as your children grow. This will allow you to keep using the furniture for many years instead of replacing it after just a few years.

Choosing the Right Bed System for Your Children
Not all bunk bed systems are created the same. Some are cheaply made and should be avoided. Make sure the furniture you choose is made of eco-friendly materials, firm, safe and steady. Redwood is one of the most popular materials and provides plenty of value for bedroom furniture.

You will also want to consider the size of the bed and the overall size of the furniture. Make sure it will fit in the part of the room you’ve planned for the bedding system. If you will be bunking a younger child with an older child, you may want to consider a full size bottom bunk with a twin size top bunk.

If your family is large enough that you need to bunk girls with boys, you can use partitions to create privacy. A partition can also allow for a bit of a decorative touch for the room.

Large families can provide quite a bit of fun, but they can also provide unique challenges. If you need to put more than one child in the same bedroom, using a bunk bed system may be the right answer for saving plenty of floor space.

You can find a wide variety of bunk bed styles at Kids & Teens World Pleasanton.

Compare bunk beds and lofts in our next article.


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