How To Make the Most of Space in Your Kid’s Bedroom

Chest Bed with Stairs

Finding Room for Kids to Play, Study and Sleep


If you’re like most parents, you want your young one to enjoy his or her childhood to the fullest. You want them to have a little fun uninterrupted, build memories, and feel safe and secure in their personal space.

So you consider a nice little bedroom that will bring all this to reality. But then there is that one small problem that you might not have anticipated: the problem of limited space. It is just not enough to accommodate all the toys, all the shoes, all the clothes, your child needs some room to move around.Not only that, children need to play. They need the space to jump around, create, entertain and remain active without feeling restrained. What about their friends who keep popping in? They also are going to need space to share and make great memories together.

Faced with so many tasks as a parent, you have to be able to make smart choices to sail through. Of course, the most immediate idea that will enter your mind is to start with the furniture – and you’d be right! Why not start with the bed?

Bunk beds are quite effective at preserving that needed space, but what about the safety of the kid and her or his little buddies? Which sort of bunk bed will be most effective at both saving you the required space while observing safety as top priority?

Bunk Beds
Bunk beds with those characteristic ladders might concern some parents, depending on the age of your child. The thought of a little one climbing up the ladder or sleeping there at the topmost bunk alone could give you pause. Fortunately, there are a number of smart ideas here which will help you tap both security and the need for adequate space.

Thanks to innovation, many furniture manufacturers have currently opted to do away with the ladders for bunk beds and instead resorted to cube shaped climbing slabs which are considerably much safer for the child. In addition, the climbing blocks are stable so you do not have to worry about your child slipping off.

With the wide range of child games to take up as a kid, this form of bed is just a perfect choice for offering a perfect rest at night. Even better news: teenagers tend to like it quite a lot. With this bed, your boy will not only have good space to keep his sports gear but also manage to keep his cheerful mood intact.

The concept of a bunk bed is not exactly a new invention in the furniture design industry, no, they have just undergone some impressive advances that give them their outstanding popularity. And now they are fast dominating the kids furniture marketplace.

Types of Bunk Beds

Contemporary Bunk Bed
Contemporary Bunk Bed

You can have that extra space you want with a little help from the different varieties of bunks that are available in the present market. They exist in amazing styles and finishes that match any theme or taste that suits you.

Twin over twin may start us off here. These are bunk beds of the classical standard. Most people think about them in the image of two single beds with one perched right above the other. You also think of a wooden frame holding them perfectly in position, and sometimes a metal one.

For the conservative ‘old-is-gold’ diehards, this classic bunk bed remains a favorite option – especially now that they have plenty of contemporary twists added to that basic style and design. If you are of the same worldview then you may as well consider the options with the actual bunks tiered or possibly run perpendicular to one another.

The thing is, whichever alternative you go for, you will have lots of options in the contemporary furniture market. You would be amazed at some of the latest styles and designs.

Another form of bunk bed is commonly referred to the fantasy bed. It has a unique design resembling a fort, a pirate ship, a vehicle or some sort of castle. Your kid will love this bunk. Who doesn’t love fantasy at that age?

Loft Beds
There is another option you can consider: the loft bed. The look and style, all speak of something very 21st century. Loft beds have only one top bunk, and right below the bed is a space which your child can use for doing some homework, storing toys or even putting on a play. The number of ways this space can be used is limitless. But all we need is the space, right?

Loft Bed with Slide
Loft Bed with Slide

The space savings offered by loft beds is just what you need for your kid’s bedroom. You may have a chair, a desk, shelving, toy boxes – you name it. Alternately, you may just let the kid decide what to do with the space, especially if he or she is already getting into their teens.

Chest beds
Saving space is not just about bunks alone. Sometimes you can just decide to be smarter than that. And if you do, then chest beds will help you achieve that think-out-the-box end point. The chest bed is definitely designed with small space in mind. Your child does not have to move their toys from the top to use the chest bed. Nevertheless he or she gets to have their books and the rest of their stuff placed well in the cabinet underneath the mattress frame. The main benefit with a chest bed is drawers built into the frame which eliminate the need for a large dresser.

So, as you can see, families have loads of awesome solutions for saving space that will give you that perfect balance of form and function. Get to your nearest kids furniture showroom together and check them out. Who knows? Your kids might even thank you for it!

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