Helpful Tips for Buying a Safe Trampoline

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Why Trampoline Safety is the Most Important Factor


Nowadays, more and more families want to bring fitness and recreation into their own backyard. Unlike the internet and other modern devices, a trampoline is an excellent addition to your home and a good form of recreation that doesn’t require a lot of expensive upkeep. With even a basic trampoline in your own backyard you and your children can actively participate together, stay healthy and stay close at home.

If you’re thinking of buying a trampoline for your family, this article is a perfect place to start. With variety of quality, brands, sizes, models and prices available, purchasing a premium quality trampoline can indeed be a little tricky.

So how do you start your search? What are the things you need to look for when buying the right device? How can you ensure trampoline safety for you and your family?

Here are the three main points to check before you buy:

1. Do your Research – Make use of Available Resources
A careful buyer’s close friend is always research. A well-informed purchase starts with good research on the things one needs and should be looking for in a trampoline. Understand that major brands and trampoline manufacturers have spent money and effort to improve the safety rating of your their products to ensure they are safe for the user. Keep in mind that the trampoline springs and frame should be completely covered with pads and always include a well constructed enclosure net. Major trampoline brands have also developed revolutionary designs on their equipment to improve safety in many other ways.

2. Determine How Much you Should Spend
A top brand-name trampoline with all the important safety features, such as AlleyOop, would generally come with high price tag. However, these trampolines are made with extreme durability, good bounce dynamics and quality padding around the edge of the device. Trampolines that belong in the low-budget and mid-range categories are not necessarily lower quality, but with trampolines the standard rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for. Just be aware that that not all trampolines are made equal, and you don’t want to replace one after just a little bit of usage. Not only that, but the cost of fixing and maintaining these kinds of trampolines could sometimes exceed the amount you originally spent on the device.

3. Learn to Compare the Trampolines through its Parts
Start with the springs. As much as possible try to avoid those models where springs are fewer or shorter as the performance could easily be compromised. Pads that cover the springs and frames are a must. Also, remember that thickness of surface is not everything – you need to look beyond. See the filling and the coating, and consider the availability of replacement pads if you might ever need them. Trampoline beds and frames should be durable and strong enough that they would not break.

4. Trampoline Warranty
Make sure that the model you’re considering has a substantial warranty on parts and frame. Not only will this protect you in the event of malfunction, but it also tells you how much the manufacturer believes in the integrity of their product. AlleyOop and Jumpsport carry the best warranties in the industry

Two brands you should consider are Jumpsport and AlleyOop, which are known as the “safest trampolines on the planet.” Find the trampoline dealer nearest you to learn more.



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