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Kids & Teens World - Children's Furniture for Novato & Marin County!

Kids Furniture in Novato – San Rafael

Our Novato & San Rafael Store has Moved!!

In response to changing market conditions and to better serve our Bay Area market, Kids & Teens World has closed out our downtown Novato store and moved all inventory to nearby locations.

We invite our Marin County customers to visit us in either Danville or San Mateo for all your kids furniture needs. We will continue to provide delivery service to customers in and around Novato, San Rafael and Marin County.

Kids & Teens World is the absolute best place to find top-quality children's furniture from the very best American-made brands. You'll find just about everything in kids bedroom furniture at Kids & Teens World, and it’s all under the one roof! We feature kids beds, bunk beds, loft beds, mattresses, playrooms, as well as chairs, desks and shelves. We're also one of the Bay Area's top sellers of trampolines from AlleyOop and JumpSport.

We're proud to feature quality made American kids furniture brands, such as Mushroom, Deluxe Furniture Designs, and Maxtrix. The beautiful and creative designs and styles of bedroom, playroom and study furniture are all made right here in the USA.

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There's always something special happening at Kids & Teens World!

For girls or boys rooms that need more space, or for toddlers growing out of their baby cribs, you can’t beat Twin Bed Sets. We’ve got so much to choose from, including chest beds where drawers are built into the beds’ framework and handy trundle beds with the always useful second mattress hidden in the base.

Two small children or one growing child can make good use of a full bed set, which can also be combined with Twins. Kids & Teens World> has lots of combinations, frame styles and finishes ready for your selection.


For Novato Novato families, our Kids & Teens World store has a wide variety of bunk beds for your kids room – perfect for toddlers right through to tweens. Bunk beds are loads of fun, and they're great for opening a lot more available room space. Depending on your preference, we have it all – from modern and classic, to theme styled bunks.

All of our bunk beds are built for durability and comfort, providing years of use and enjoyment, and we're proud to feature American-made brands, such as Mushroom, Maxtrix and Deluxe Furnishings Design.


You’ll be impressed when you see the collection of loft beds - and it's easy to see why so many parents are buying them for their kids! When your kids bedroom is a little short on space, loft beds offer the perfect solution for Novato area families.

A loft bed in your child’s room creates an area beneath the bed to use for a table and chair, work-desk, bookshelf, toy chest, dresser, or even just extra storage. Not only that, but kids love to sleep up high and then use a ladder or slide as fun way to get back down. Choose from low, medium or high loft beds, so you're sure to find something perfect!


The Kids & Teens World is the top dealer for the safest trampolines available today – AlleyOop & Jumpsport. These trampolines have been developed with more than 11 patents and 25 security advancements, and both trampolines have a lifetime service warranty and a five year parts warranty.

No other trampoline dealer for Novato area families has better deals on the AlleyOop and JumpSport trampolines, so why not stop by our Kids & Teens World showroom and take a look? With Marin's awesome year round weather, anytime is a good time to buy your trampoline!



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Kids and Teens World has four locations to serve you: Danville, Pleasanton, Santa Clara and San Mateo!

Contact us today for more inventory and pricing information on our furniture systems and trampolines for the kids in your family!

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