Trampoline Safety Tips for You and Your Children

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What to Look for in a Safe Trampoline


Thinking about buying a trampoline for your kids but hesitant of potential risks associated? We understand. As parents, it’s our main responsibility to ensure your children’s safety in spite of the benefits, fun and excitement a trampoline could offer. This article is written to help you on how to properly perform a safe trampoline workout and guide your children to safely use them.

Tips on Safe Trampoline Workout
Make sure to run a careful check on the condition of your trampoline. Never assume that a newly-purchased trampoline is built with completely strong materials. It is best that you checked every part of it before finally using, check any parts for possible damage or tear. Also, it would be great to choose from an array of trusted brands which established a high quality and safety standards in trampoline manufacturing business.

How to Set Up Your Trampoline Safely
When setting up your trampoline, make sure to place it on flat and non-slippery surface. It should also be away from any furniture and walls as the vibrations which cause by rebounding may result to lateral movements to the trampoline itself. Make sure that metal frames, hooks and springs are completely covered by shock-absorbing pads. Many of reported injuries are commonly associated with landing to unprotected metal frames.

It is also smart to wear a good ankle support or shoes. Though we can commonly see that performers jump and perform barefoot novice performers will exactly benefit from ankle support. Meanwhile, when starting the exercise, it is highly recommended to do low and controlled jumping to ensure that feed landed in the right place of the trampoline. Minimize the vertical height of any jumps.

Trampoline Safety guides for Children
Close supervision is highly required when children use trampolines. To ensure safety and avoid people colliding with one another on the trampoline it is recommended to only allow one person to use the trampoline at a time. Also, never allow your device to be used without padding or complete covers on the frame. If you can see any tear, make sure they are immediately replaced before allowing your kids to use it. Teach your kids to respect their physical abilities and limitations. Do not leave them bouncing for long periods of time and short of breath.

The above tips and rules may be restrictive however as with anything we deal in life, they are whole lot better in preventing injuries than treating injuries caused by accidents. Learning a safe way to perform and use your trampoline safety skills to have a long and successful workout. AlleyOop and Jumpsport are two brands that have innovated many of today’s safety features and can be found at your local trampoline dealer.



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