Why AlleyOop is the Safest Trampoline on the Market

alleyoop rectangular trampoline

Trampolines provide hours of fun for kids and adults. However, they have gained a reputation for causing injuries and simply not providing a safe way to play.

Safety is a huge concern and AlleyOop trampolines are the answer. This type of trampoline provides a safer option and has been rated at the safest trampoline for more than 17 years. Here are some of the reasons an AlleyOop trampoline is safer than any other choice.

VariableBounce Technology
One of the main reasons AlleyOop trampolines are so safe is the patented VariableBounce technology. This technology helps to optimize the shock absorption rate. The technology allows for the jumper’s body to absorb less of the energy when they come back down because the springs absorb most of it. This makes jumping on an AlleyOop trampoline safer because there won’t be a hard rebound.

Some AlleyOop trampolines take this technology even further with a DoubleBounce Trampoline technology. This type of safety measure uses an integrated AirShock System to provide an even safer trampoline for jumping. The VariableBounce Technology is far safer than mass market trampolines, but the DoubleBounce technology takes it to a whole new level.

Safety Nets
Anybody that owns a trampoline understands how important the net is to proper safety. However, many trampoline nets are poorly made and not very sturdy.
The nets provided with AlleyOop trampolines are not only rugged and sturdy, but also UV-resistant. They last for years and can take thousands of impacts without causing any damage to the net.

Only the highest quality safety enclosures are used with the AlleyOop trampolines. The enclosure helps to prevent falling off the trampoline and cushions the impact. The nets can withstand up to an impact of 295 pounds and last far longer than other enclosures on the market.

Since studies have shown that nearly half of trampoline injuries are caused by falling off the trampoline, a safety enclosure is vital. With the highest quality safety net on the market, your family can enjoy jumping on an AlleyOop trampoline for years without worrying about fall-off accidents.

Fun, Safe Games and Activities
Encouraging safe play on the trampoline is very important. Many accidents happen when the trampoline becomes a place for horseplay instead of fun, structured games.

Adding fun accessories, such as a bounceboard or trampoline hoppy ball to the AlleyOop trampoline can help provide plenty of fun and an added safety benefit. Competitive, fun games have proven to keep horseplay to a minimum on trampolines.

With an AlleyOop trampoline, you will not only have a fun, high-performing trampoline to enjoy, but you will also get one of the safest choices on the market. These trampolines provide all the necessities for safe jumping, hours of fun and plenty of family time. Your children can enjoy building athleticism; playing trampoline games, developing better balance and stamina, along with so much more and you gain the peace of mind knowing you have the safest trampoline on the market today.

Kids & Teens World in Danville, CA has all the pricing, delivery and installation information you need on the AlleyOop trampoline of your choice.



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