Space Saving Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom

Play and Study Loft Bed

Finding Children’s Furniture that Saves Space


Every parent will inevitably have to find ways to accommodate their growing child’s ever-changing need for space. Some kids may even use the same bedroom from the time their born into their teen years. If siblings arrive, and there are no more rooms to go around, the kids may have to share the same room for many years. What may start out as an easily solvable issue when they’re toddlers could turn into a major challenge once they get a little older. They’ll have more clothes, more shoes, more toys and just more stuff. They will also begin to crave their own “territory”, providing a sense of identity as their personalities develop.

Fortunately, there are many excellent solutions available to parents who are going through these stages of growth with their children. When you’re dealing with one or more children using a limited space, the first thing that you need to consider is the type of children’s furniture you’re using. This seems like an obvious place to start considering that furniture is what takes up the most available floor space.

Deciding on the Right Size Bed
First, look at the size of the bed. For one child, a twin bed is perfectly adequate even into their tweens or early teens. Twins take up the least amount of floor space and can be decorated in a multitude of ways for both boys and girls. Starting out with the twin size, you can start thinking about how to accommodate another child – either friends sleeping over or a sibling. Many twins come with a trundle underneath that can easily slide out for the occasional sleepover. For a more permanent solution there are other options.

Bunk Beds

Chest Bed in White
Chest Bed in White

The most popular choice for sleeping a second child is the bunk bed. With one bed stacked above the other, this is making the most of your vertical space. Kids love a bunk bed because it becomes an extension of their play area, opening up their imagination, inventing games and making blanket forts. Bunk beds come with ladders, making it easy for your child to get up and down from the upper bunk. Be ready, though, to referee who gets to go up top!

Chest Beds & Captain’s Beds
Another option would be a chest bed, which is similar to a Captain’s bed. The main advantage with these styles is that they have elevated frames that use the extra space underneath the bed for storage. This eliminates the need for any large dressers or other storage units in the room that would take up additional floor space. These beds come in both twin and full sizes and they designs available are both fun and functional. Many also come with a trundle.

Loft Beds
Loft beds are another great choice for the growing child who has their own room, or as an addition that can be added above an already existing bed. As the name implies, the loft bed is an elevated bed that has nothing underneath so you can use that space for other things. During their earlier years it could be an excellent place for a play area, with games, or storage for their toys. As they get into their school years it can be used as a study area, with a desk, chair and shelving. There are great styles for both boys and girls. Some lofts are converted into “castles” for girls, complete with a slide for getting down from the “tower”!

You can explore all these options at your nearest kids furniture store and find the solution that’s best for you!

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